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A Hot Cop In A Public Restroom

Series: Men On Edge 73 Studio: Kink.com Price:  225kr Köp A+Hot+Cop+In+A+Public+Restroom+%5B114172%5D+ 

Mike Gaite  Van  Sebastian    

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Type:  Gay  Bondage  Hardcore     Item nr: DVDUES95497 Stock nr: 114172
Director: Not Available Distributor: Kink.com Country: Usa Language: English Runtime: 100 min
Story: Mike Gaite stumbles upon Van and Sebastian cruising in the bathroom. He handcuffs both pervs. They quickly overtake him, tape his mouth shut and bind his arms behind his back. Van holds him still as Sebastian sucks his cock through a glory hole. They then tie him up, place tit suckers on his nipples and put a ball gag on him before taking pictures of him. Van and Sebastian jerk Mikes hot thick cock while he struggles, working him to the edge before using the vibrating hitachis. Ultimately Mikes suspended and tickled and gets his muscled ass pounded with a fucksaw until he finally blows his load.
Region: Regionsfri
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