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My Cousin Ashton

Series: My Cousin Ashton  Studio: Men.com Price:  195kr Köp My+Cousin+Ashton+%5B112569%5D+ 

Hoytt Walker  Damien Kyle  Ashton Mckay  Kyle  

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Type:  Gay  Anal  Ass Licking  Machine Sex  Threesomes Item nr: DVDMNC17422 Stock nr: 112569
Director:  Distributor: Men.com Country: Usa Language: English Runtime: 65 min
Story: Ashton McKay returns home after a long absence and is greeted by a horned up Damien Kyle. No time is wasted once Ashton whips that dick out. Damien opens wide and swallows that rod, lubing it up for his rear-entrance. His tight hole embraces Ashtons shaft as he pumps it into him. Ashton McKay wakes up next to Brandon Evans and is ready to get down and dirty, but not before breakfast! The boys cant make it back up to the bedroom in time... Brandon drops down to his knees and blows Ashtons cock in the kitchen. Ashton McKay has a couple of his closest guys over, and theyre about to get even closer. Damien and Hoyt start off the fuck fest with Ashton directing the action. These five studs take turns swallowing and spit-roasting each other before theyre unexpectedly interrupted by Ashtons mom!
Region: Regionsfri
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