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Bound In Rope And Fucked In The Ass

Series: Br Moe 102 Studio: Kink.com Price:  225kr Köp Bound+In+Rope+And+Fucked+In+The+Ass+%5B120336%5D+ 

Jack Andy        

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Type:  Gay  Bondage  Domination     Item nr: DVDUES11788 Stock nr: 120336
Director: Not Available Distributor: Kink.com Country: Usa Language: English Runtime: 90 min
Story: Wide eyed and innocent. That s how Sebastian likes the men that he lures into his dungeon. Jack Andy is all smiles and nervous excitement as he saunters into the slave pit, but little does he know that a master sadist is lurking in the shadows waiting for his opportunity to edge repeated and unwanted multiple orgasms from his vulnerable prey. Sebastian starts off with a bang and binds Jack in tight and restrictive rope bondage. A leather hood is placed over his head so he blindfolded and unable to see. Sebastian slowly circles his masochistic submissive, teasing him and playing with his blind deprivation.
Region: Regionsfri
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