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Perverted Butcher

Series: Bound Gods 86 Studio: Kink.com Price:  225kr Köp Perverted+Butcher+%5B114466%5D+ 

Kyler Ash  Trenton Ducati      

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Type:  Gay  Bondage  Electro     Item nr: DVDUES95909 Stock nr: 114466
Director: Not Available Distributor: Kink.com Country: Usa Language: English Runtime: 104 min
Story: Kyler Ash awakens to find himself tied to a meat hook in Trenton Ducatis lair. Trenton comes towards his new sex slave, lets loose Kylers thick cock, and slides it down his throat. Kyler sways in the air, begging to cum. Trenton instead pulls out his throbbing dick and rams it up Kylers tight hole. Trenton then leads his pet over to the meat cleansing station, where he makes Kyler lick his cock clean before chaining him to the ceiling and brutally flogging him. Next Kyler is packed in a Maxcita sleep sack, while electricity is sent through his cock and nipples. Trenton decides it is time to open up Kylers asshole, and sticks an electrified butt plug in to soften the little hole up. Finally Trenton fucks the cum out of Kyler, and showers his own hot load all over Kylers face.
Region: Regionsfri
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