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Puerto Rican Getaway

Series: Puerto Rican Getaway  Studio: Sean Cody.com Price:  295kr  236kr  Köp Puerto+Rican+Getaway+%5B112570%5D+ 

Jakob  Kaleb  Manny  Brysen  

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Type:  Gay  Bareback  Muscle Men  Public  Teenage Item nr: DVDSEAN CO17255 Stock nr: 112570
Director:  Distributor: Sean Cody.com Country: Usa Language: English Runtime: 135 min
Story: Ever since the last getaway, weve been dying to get away from all things familiar once again, so we gathered a few of the guys and took them on a summer escape...to Puerto Rico! Jakob and Randy were extremely eager to fuck in such a beautiful place, even though it was a little gray that day. That didnt stop the cumshots from shooting! Let the vacation begin! Its day 2 in sunny Puerto Rico, and these sexy men have plans to take full advantage of the weather...and of each others company. Brysen and Randy waste no time bringing Manny on all fours and making him moan in pleasure...it doesnt get any better than three guys going at it in paradise! Its another beautiful day in Puerto Rico, and Jakob and Joe thought theyd just hang around the beach for some sun and fun. Playing around in the ocean naked, though, proved to be hard since all they had in mind was sex on the beach. Joe said it best when asked how it was to get fucked on the beach, The best thing that has ever happened to me! Theres something about a place like Puerto Rico that just brings out your wild side... Thats what happened when Brysen, Jayden and Manny went at it on the beach. Even more so when Daniel arrived on the picturesque island, leading the guys deep into a tropical forest where they could then go deep into each other! Needless to say, it was definitely a wild time! On this final day in paradise, Brysens wish finally came true...fucked by cute newcomer Kaleb! These two were like two peas in a pod from the moment they met, and it definitely showed. The sexual tension in the air was very strong, and Brysen just couldnt keep his hands off Kaleb. Ive been hard since I looked at him for the first time. This vacation certainly ended with a bang!
Region: Regionsfri
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